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why are people more concerned. the little yellow. shorts mean to the 1st d.w. . the world's top 2 economies lock on trump wraps up his battle against chinese telecoms johns for a way a day after saying a trade deal with china is near. also coming up how one of the world's top tourist destinations grapples to recover from terror attacks. welcome to do business asia want to get jones in berlin good to have you with us now there is no way the u.s. can crush us that's what the founder of here away said back in february this year when washington was pursuing criminal charges against the company and its chief financial officer now u.s.
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president donald trump asked declared a national emergency to protect u.s. computer networks from quote foreign adversaries and why the order doesn't name any company it's believed to target sure way. the u.s. government has long viewed the chinese company as an espionage threat and has sought to keep while way from playing a major role on the u.s. telecommunications infrastructure market. this new move is likely to prevent it from supplying the equipment being used to set up cutting edge 5 g. networks donald trump's decision has come at a key moment in negotiations with the chinese government about future trade relations between the countries we're having a little wobble with china because we've been treated very unfairly for many many decades for actually a long time and it should have been handled a long time ago it was it that way and let that out. the executive order makes it
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easier for the u.s. government to directly regulate foreign telecoms which could theoretically exploit back doors and systems to pose a threat to communications and national security in addition the u.s. is plays to our way and 70 associated companies on a blacklist firms on it have to be granted licenses from the u.s. commerce department to use components made by u.s. firms in their technology the restrictions will come into force in the next few days however while way executives are taking the pressure from washington and stride. it's. more you put up early on that our business in the united states is not that big due to our global operations any change in one country has little impact on our global business. your face of the possible challenges of cybersecurity in the future who are way is a positive contribution not
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a destructive force somewhat a tool for the one we are looking forward to the future willing to continue to invest more from innovation to cooperation little usual but i want to go. but for now it seems while away won't be cooperating with many of its american partners or from what it's bring in our understanding by far as the frankfurt stock exchange as it has china's official reaction is somewhat less relaxed let's listen to what a spokesman of china's ministry of commerce had to say. china will take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights of chinese enterprises actually now how is that executive order now going to impact us china trade talks. monica it's very difficult to say at this point of time. is perplexing it's so difficult to figure out what he's trying to do just yes the history secretary said
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that he would be traveling to beijing for the trade talks and moments later this bombshell drugs but now the focus is on how to is going to respond and it has many options up its sleeves put it actually make life difficult for american companies operating in china or those willing to want to invest in china that could be a possibility is it ready to cancel boeing orders or stop buying agricultural products from the u.s. all perhaps use the so-called nuclear option of selling u.s. government bonds that could be a possibility but i feel that could even do to own goal for china might well of course i mean it's all about 5 g. right now which is the next big thing we're going to provide the technology if not sure way. well the industry has been actually becoming smaller and smaller and there has been a lot of consolidation so they're not many players who can take this dominant
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position ericsson nokia. cisco they are few players but their equipment tend to be a little more expensive and that is problematic for the carriers who are already expected to do a lot of fortune for the 5 g. spectrum and also the fact 5 is still distance away who why you couldn't is used widely for the for the existing technologies the 4 g.'s the treaties it could even find it difficult to service them with spare parts so maintainance would be very difficult going forward if. the scope of this entire order is properly understood by. by the experts right and should spend a day reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange thank you. now the german association of women entrepreneurs or v.d.u. has been promoting female entrepreneurship for 65 years now at the moment the v.d.u. represents about 1800 to many medium sized companies led by women in areas such as
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manufacturing handicrafts trade and the service sector together with their companies they generate 85000000000 euros in sales and they employ about 500000 people the day you association members of currency here in berlin for their annual get together and my colleague kate ferguson is add to that conference for us and i hope we can speak to her now if she isn't as quite busy behind you cage already though 65 years of german association of women entrepreneurs that's a long time what's been achieved high in monaco will back in 1954 when this association was 1st founded women in germany had to ask their husband for permission if they wanted to open a bank account or to get a job and i thankfully a lot has changed since then but if you ask any of the women here today they'll say there is on awfully long way to go through women in germany earn on average 21
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percent less than men they're still woefully under represented in management and those who own businesses have a tougher time accessing venture capital than men do so 65 years on there are still a lot of issues to be discussed here so what 3 is the concrete demand at this conference this year now. well better representation of for one the video you has been very instrumental in campaigning for and they actually did have some success back in 2016 thanks largely to their lobbying germany did in fact introduce quotas for women on supervised reports now they want to go a step a step further and extend that to management boards as well they also want educational reform they're calling for i.t. and business studies to be made compulsory in schools the hope there is that this will encourage more girls to go into the so-called stem professions not science technology engineering and math and finally they want more flexible childcare they
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want kindergartens to open earlier in the morning and to close later in the evening so that women can continue to work full time and alongside that they're calling on men to step up and do their part in childcare too so a lot of the months this still half a minute to go kate chancellor merkel was there today has significance is that. she was she was talking on the podium just behind me and she quipped that she is she is turning 65 as well just like this organization of course she is an extremely important role model for female leadership but of course she is still the exception rather than the rule in parliament she is surrounded mostly by men less than a 3rd of german lawmakers are women that puts germany on a par with south sudan in terms of female representation and mechelle also made that joke with a very good point that there are more men called mikhail i'm told on management for its interim and even there are women overall ok well that that's
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a that's an interesting factor to learn k. ferguson there from the conference of the german women us a see a show and entrepreneur associations thank you so much. thanks atlas well the european parliament elections are next week with populism on the rise many politicians are stressing the importance of unity and common interests but where money is concerned it's every man or every country for himself cash strapped italy for one recently got friendly with beijing. it was a special event for a special deal at the end of march italy signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with china on the new silk road beijing's belgian road initiative the 1st g 7 country to do so in future italian ports like tree estan genoa will mark the european terminus of the maritime routes to and from china. they're already being upgraded with chinese capital made ready for the mega ships that will distribute goods throughout europe from here debt burden to italy
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is betting that will boost economic recovery. other e.u. countries like france and germany are more reticent they worry about potential chinese influence over italy as well as chinese competition the italian connection would see products from china into europe much faster and in much larger amounts we are not the 1st about almost the last european country to try to gain something from economic opportunity that's all there is no geopolitical implications. not the 1st we are late in the game if anything and so we really want to catch up but. experts are still divided over exactly what the new silk road actually is some see the planned network of ports rail links and roads primarily as a global infrastructure project that will boost global economic growth others see geo political motives they say china is trying to achieve world domination by
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subduing countries with debt and dependency. that was listed as travel guide lonely planet's top destination 2019 but since the devastating easter sunday attacks tourism has plummeted. competition for a deck chair used to be stiff not anymore restaurants to have been struggling to draw in visitors. since the easter sunday attack 3 lanka has seen an 80 percent drop in tourism with fears over a piece of a devastating attack like this one keeping people away. most of the hotels in this area have closed those that have remained open are relying on local to make up for the drop in foreign visitors still managers are keen to convey an optimistic message. leave them to sleep. b.c.
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you. know. it before. they go out here. and i believe yeah. i love the fact that. and that is a business asia here and for me i'm 15 x. .
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this is state of the news live from l.a. and then you moved to disrupt this information campaigns targeting upcoming elections to its problem and sponsor a massive push to encourage people to vote efforts to stop the spread of foreign. may prove too little too late also on the program. one in 5 children around the world lives in a conflict zone a group save the children sounds the warning us of 100 years of service so is today a day to celebrate on the program.


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